A Brief Intro to Viral Marketing for the Small Business Marketer

Sometimes I feel like I am working for a trendy, bleeding-edge IT company, one of the dot coms circa 1999, or perhaps at present-day Google. McElroy encourages personal ideas for creative client solutions and bold new marketing strategies. Instead of buying packaged advertising strategies and software tools, McElroy often looks to its own for ways to excel–whether marketing to new clients or helping existing clients solve their translation workflow problems.Lisa Siciliani, our Marketing Director, recently forwarded me an article about a high school teacher who made his own iPod commercial. For some reason, people felt compelled to forward the link to this little video short to their friends–hundreds of thousands of times! What better marketing strategy, than having your potential and existing customer base as willing participants in disseminating your brand to their friends, family and coworkers?It turns out this type of marketing strategy has a name–viral marketing–and is employed in a myriad of ways by various companies on the web. Risqué lingerie commercials are purposely banned by the companies to give an already popular video even more legs. Advertising agencies have sprung up that specialize in planting or “seeding” commercials on popular blogs and video sites.Does viral marketing carry software that could destroy your computer or invade your privacy? In spite of the sinister aspect of the name, the answer is emphatically “no.” At its worst, it might cut down on company productivity and eat up bandwidth–but, hey, who among us hasn’t wasted a few minutes out of the day to check out a dancing baby or singing bunny? Viral marketing gets its name from the nature of its potential to rapidly propagate, but it is essentially word-of-mouth in electronic format.Everyone probably remembers the first and most widely cited example of a viral–the Hotmail tagline. Millions of new Hotmail users were generated by this clever gimmick, though today, hardly anyone probably signs up for e-mail after reading the advertising in a signature. Recent examples of virals include Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, and the JibJab cartoon that lampooned both of the Presidential candidates.Does viral marketing work for the B2B marketer? We think it can, and it does, often in unexpected ways. Several of our articles on the translation business and languages have been referenced across the web by business users of the information. Though it might be of a more informative nature than a singing bunny, business end users are ultimately consumers, and will pass along what excites and interests them.

Affordable Travel and Vacation Packages for the State of Hawaii

After a long year or months of work that leaves an individual tired and tormented, a vacation is the most agreeable opportunity to lay down all burdens. Hawaii is an ideal destination to cater for all vacation needs. There are amazing deals on vacation packages that offer selection from the most popular Hawaii Hotels. These packages usually offer the best comprised exposure of Hawaii’s finest spots to vacate.One can enjoy the luxury paradise in exotic style and detailed satisfaction. Hawaii is beautifully carved as an archipelago in the large body of the Pacific Ocean. The location is astounding and provides uttermost satisfaction to all travelers. There are about eight islands that coexist on this archipelago of exquisite formation. The larger islands are Lanai, Kauai, Nihau, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Hawaii and Kahoolawe. Kahoolawe is also known as Big Island. Moreover, it is surrounded by various islets and atolls.In the United States, Hawaii is one of the best holiday spots with its selective options for various leisure activities, affordable packages for vacation, breathtaking sceneries, variation of luxury hotels and daunting beaches. These are many travel agencies that offer great deals for vacations to Hawaii, which is usually inclusive of breakfast, airfare and accommodation. With all-inclusive packages, tourist will avail snacks, meals, vacation activities, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and many other adventurous activities.Vacationing in Hawaii is a memorable experience:The island offers various opportunities to explore and at the same time, you can learn about the Hawaiian culture. It is a fact that the existence of boredom is nowhere to be found on the island of Hawaii. There is always an event to intrigue visitors; something is available for all different categories of interest. Of all the islands on Hawaii, Kauai is the most popular tourist location, occasionally identified as the “Garden Island.” The reason for this description is due to the high density of the vegetation that is elongated across the land formation. Kauai is well-known for its confined contents such as, the Poipu Beach and Waimea Canyon, which attracts a massive audience on a yearly basis.The largest islands in Hawaii:The “Big Island” is well-known for its host of two secular islands which are Hawaii and Kahoolawe. This prominent subdivision consists of beaches with crystal clear water and vigorous volcano assortment.A touch of paradise:The Oahu Island is another vacation spot that is favored greatly by individuals who visit Hawaii. This authentic piece of landmass features glamorous travel destinations such as, the Pearl Harbor, Honolulu and Waikiki Beach which is popular worldwide.Best Hawaiian Resorts:The island of Maui is a prominent destination. It is owned and operated by the most reputable resorts in Hawaii. Occasionally called the “Valley Island”, this stunning and exquisite island is famous for hosting Haleakala, which is the largest volcano recognized worldwide. The location is one of the most convenient one. Moreover, categorized Hawaii Hotels offer agreeable vacation packages for travelers interested in exploring the luxury.

Top 7 Multimedia Apps For The iPhone

By now, most people have heard or even owned an Apple iPhone. With the whole world talking about it and other companies taking ideas from its successful release and sales (the most important of which is the large database of third party applications), it is very unlikely for someone not to know about it.iPhone has started a revolution, and thanks to it we can now see and use other great mobile operating systems like Android and Windows 7 Phone. Developers finally caught on to the fact that the best way to make an OS popular and sell a lot of copies is to give users what they want and need. The iPhone did it with the great collection of third party apps on the marketplace, and the other OSes are copying this method with great success.These applications allow people to use their smart phone however they want. Entrepreneurs, professionals and business people use it to manage their business and time, and most of the regular consumers use it mostly for its amazing multimedia capabilities (the iPhone was the first smart phone with a video out port and amazing 3D graphics in games).Below you’ll find a collection of some of the best multimedia apps, ranging from music to video to drawings and books.Shazam. This is a great iPhone application for music lovers. It allows you to find out the name of a song that is playing on the radio, TV or even sung by you (as best as you can), using an integrated audio analyzer and a huge online database of songs. You can then download, tag, share the song on Twitter and Facebook, add it to a playlist and do other things. Shazam also lets you discover new songs that are similar to the ones you like, and in most cases, it does a pretty good job.SlingPlayer Mobile. If you own an Apple TV, a SlingBox or other products by Sling Media, you will definitely find this application interesting. It allows you to view any show that you can view at home, using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection anywhere in the world. It basically connects to the SlingBox or Apple TV in your house and allows you to stream anything straight to your iPhone. You can also control your DVR and set it to record or play something whenever you want, wherever you are.Cooliris. If you have seen Cooliris for Windows and Mac, you’ll know that it looks fantastic and allows you to experience a new way of browsing through your local and any online files. The iPhone application is pretty much the same, only stand alone, and it is geared more towards offline application, although it works just as well for online searches and files. You can search, browse, open and share photos, videos and news items using a beautiful 3D interface and multi touch controls. You have to see it to understand what I’m talking about. The app is free, by the way, so there’s no reason not to try it out.Last.fm. Last.fm is the ultimate online destination for listening to radio broadcasts and music. Millions of people enjoy this service every day, and can’t imagine living without it. The iPhone app brings all of the good things from Last.fm right into your pocket. All you need to do is create a free account and get access to over 5 million songs, streamed via 3G or a Wifi connection straight to your iPhone. While listening to a song, you can also view artist information, lyrics, upcoming concerts and ticket availability and other useful things. Last.fm also gives you recommendations of songs similar to the ones you are frequently listening to, and therefore, like.Netflix. This is an app designed for the iPad, but it works well on the iPhone, too. It is the official Netflix app for the iTunes store, and you can use it to stream TV shows, movies and other stuff from Netflix (you’ll need a subscription, which is pretty cheap nowadays). You can also control your DVD order queue if you are still renting DVDs for home viewing. Pretty great app, especially when you travel.Brushes. This is an amazing “finger painting” application for the iPhone. You can use it to paint anything you want, using realistic colors and brushes. The results can be pretty amazing in the right hands, as demonstrated by this painting by Jorge Colombo for the June 1, 2009 edition of The New Yorker magazine. If you are an art school student or are just really into painting, you should definitely check out this application. Brushes is pretty cheap for what it can do, at only $4.99.Stanza. This is a great free book reading application for the iPhone. If you like to occasionally read a book, you should know that you don’t have to invest a couple of hundred dollars into a dedicated eBook reader like the Kindle or the iPad, especially if you don’t wan to carry them around. Your iPhone can do the task pretty well, too. Stanza allows you to select the font, size and other text parameters to make your reading easier and it has a night mode (white text on black background) that is really useful when reading in the dark. As the app is free and you have access to over 50,000 free books from the Gutenberg project, there’s really no reason not to check it out. The paid books collection is also impressive, containing almost all of the most popular books on the market.You should definitely check the above applications out and try them. I am sure you’ll like at least half of them and decide to keep them. But if you’re not satisfied with them, remember that there are literally hundreds more iPhone apps for multimedia on the marketplace, and you can easily find them by searching for what you need.

Google My Business

Do you or a friend own a business and use a Google service to promote or control it? Do you wish there was an easier way to control all of the information you need to have available to consumers? With Google’s introduction of their new, “Google My Business”, service for business owners, your wish has been granted and a variety of doors will open for businesses everywhere. This service will allow owners to update information, add photos, read reviews and use Google+ all in one place. This new service will not only benefit those businesses that are already on Google but especially help those that until now have not figured out how to have a Google presence.Both new and experienced companies using Google will benefit from this new service. Current users of any Google business oriented service, such as Places for Business and the old Google+ dashboard will now be automatically upgraded to Google My Business. Non-users of and business-focused Google service will sign up for the service and Google will add the businesses information to Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This really gets the new business out there and able to be found no matter what device or service a consumer happens to be using.Google My Business assists you in building a loyal following of customers by allowing them to show their appreciation with ratings and reviews, users can also endorse your content and re-share post across the web to spread the word some more. Owners can also respond to reviews and chat with followers or fans to give them the information they need in real time. This helps to build a good relationship with customers to ensure they endorse your business and become return customers to your business.In addition to the features stated previously businesses will be able to post news, events, photos and other updates they want to share on Google+. Another important feature is the integration with AdWords Express, which helps owners to understand where their customers are coming from. Whether they are searching the business directly or are directed the business through a different avenue. This can be very beneficial to owners so they are able to use their advertising resources in the right locations, where people are the most.While searching for restaurants via web browser is more popular that searching on mobile apps, for now, the trends seem to be leaning toward mobile app searches rising and possibly surpassing web browser searching in the future. The reason percentages for browsers are higher is simply due to the fact that web browsing has been around longer than mobile devices. That being said, Google is also developing a mobile app for the Google My Business service. This app will allow users to do all of these features on the go as well as let consumers search for businesses on any mobile device. With 81% of consumers searching for restaurants on mobile apps (Streetfight) there are unforeseen opportunities by having this app.http://streetfightmag.com/2013/04/18/study-81-of-consumers-search-for-restaurants-on-mobile-apps/