A Brief Intro to Viral Marketing for the Small Business Marketer

Sometimes I feel like I am working for a trendy, bleeding-edge IT company, one of the dot coms circa 1999, or perhaps at present-day Google. McElroy encourages personal ideas for creative client solutions and bold new marketing strategies. Instead of buying packaged advertising strategies and software tools, McElroy often looks to its own for ways to excel–whether marketing to new clients or helping existing clients solve their translation workflow problems.Lisa Siciliani, our Marketing Director, recently forwarded me an article about a high school teacher who made his own iPod commercial. For some reason, people felt compelled to forward the link to this little video short to their friends–hundreds of thousands of times! What better marketing strategy, than having your potential and existing customer base as willing participants in disseminating your brand to their friends, family and coworkers?It turns out this type of marketing strategy has a name–viral marketing–and is employed in a myriad of ways by various companies on the web. Risqué lingerie commercials are purposely banned by the companies to give an already popular video even more legs. Advertising agencies have sprung up that specialize in planting or “seeding” commercials on popular blogs and video sites.Does viral marketing carry software that could destroy your computer or invade your privacy? In spite of the sinister aspect of the name, the answer is emphatically “no.” At its worst, it might cut down on company productivity and eat up bandwidth–but, hey, who among us hasn’t wasted a few minutes out of the day to check out a dancing baby or singing bunny? Viral marketing gets its name from the nature of its potential to rapidly propagate, but it is essentially word-of-mouth in electronic format.Everyone probably remembers the first and most widely cited example of a viral–the Hotmail tagline. Millions of new Hotmail users were generated by this clever gimmick, though today, hardly anyone probably signs up for e-mail after reading the advertising in a signature. Recent examples of virals include Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, and the JibJab cartoon that lampooned both of the Presidential candidates.Does viral marketing work for the B2B marketer? We think it can, and it does, often in unexpected ways. Several of our articles on the translation business and languages have been referenced across the web by business users of the information. Though it might be of a more informative nature than a singing bunny, business end users are ultimately consumers, and will pass along what excites and interests them.

Professional Translation Service

When you work for a company that has countless papers come in with a different language on them, you will likely be asked to understand the process of either translating them yourself or finding a translator to change them from this unknown language into a native tongue. Either way, this is an extremely frequent process that happens in just about any corporate or professional setting, with or without the knowledge of most of the workers.Professional translation service is usually reserved for companies, the government, museums, and law firms. While public translation is also offered through some of these companies, most of them will focus on their professional clientele, as they will provide them with a steady stream of work without fail.These professional translation services are comprised of several different translators with different language capabilities. While many of them will be fluent in the most common languages spoken throughout the world, others will have a general grasp of your more uncommon languages, making it possible for just about any document in the world to be translated for these major corporations and businesses.If you haven’t already guessed, translation is the means of taking a document that is written in one language into another. There are many different reasons that a professional corporation would need translation services, however, the most common being mergers or possible business deals with companies in another country. With this language barrier between the two companies, they will typically ask for a translation service of legal paperwork that both parties will need to sign and understand. While one company may have their own personal translator on staff, this isn’t always going to be the best route. In fact, many mergers among foreign companies require a third-party translator, but why? Well, it is namely because they want to keep the translators honest. With translation, it is easy to mislead someone, so in an effort to prevent these shady dealings, most companies will bring in a third-party translation service.These professional translation services can be found just about anywhere. Professional translators are available both online through telecommuting or locally, giving every opportunity to get just about any document you can think of translated from one language and into another.Just like any other business, a professional translation service company will want to ensure that they have the best of the best. They often times will require a minimum of two to three years of college under the belt and on top of that, they will require a couple years of work experience. However, since there aren’t nearly as many people participating in translation these days, they have become more and more willing to offer up a position of paid or unpaid internships throughout the different levels of the company.Typically, a translation intern will expect to gain at least two years experience before the reigns are completely let loose and they are able to translate paperwork and documents on their own. But, once they have been released into the world, the sky is truly the limit on what they could be doing within this incredibly interesting career path.

How to Get Clients For Web Design and Development Work

If you are looking for the clients to get work for web design, development, marketing, etc. The first thing that you should keep in mind is to present the professional image of your company through an attractive website consisting of a large portfolio of the designed work because most of the customers look for the company’s website first. It will make them feel that the company is providing good quality services they are looking for.Next, it is important to have a unique identification of your company in terms of logo, stationary, business cards, website, etc.) it will represent your business well and also reflects the quality of work you do.Referrals from Existing ClientsMost companies approach to new clients by the referrals of their existing clients. This way you can keep your existing clients satisfied and will increase your business progress.You should remind your current clients that you’re expecting for their referrals and keep in mind that you are not reminding them so frequently, just give them a gentle reminder after several months. You can also approach the same clients if they need your services again in future. It is suggested to do things like the following to stay connected with your past clients:1) Send out a monthly newsletter to your clients
2) Send Greetings for festivals, holiday cards once a year
3) Mail postcards quarterly
4) Add a note to your bills and invoices
5) Send thank you mail after the successful completion of the projectMarketing for New ClientsAdvertising does not have to be costly. You can set up advertising ads by setting up a Google AdWords account and invest only the amount you can. You can choose targeted keywords as per your budget and start creating an advertising campaign which is an effective way to get leads for the business.Follow Up the Leads You Currently HaveCheck out the contacts, address book, email and analyze the contacts, clients you have not worked with. Just ask them if they need services for web design, development or for other field also if they are not interested, ask for someone who needs to hire a professional web designer, developer for their work. If you already know them do not hesitate to contact them in future.Don’t be scared to talkIf you get any high level endorsement, Let the people know about it. Post it on the blogs and promote it. If you get any certification, you can add it to your business cards. It will build strong reputation of your company.

Hema, Eesha and Neetu Resplendent at the Derewala Fashion Show

The mother-daughter duo of Hema Malini and Eesha Deol grabbed all the eyeballs, amidst an elaborate lineup of models at the launch of Italian Designer Jewellery collection by the Derewala Jewellers at J.W. Marriot on August 21st. Tinsel-town celebs Neetu Chandra and Hard Kaur also graced the event and added to the glam quotient.The south Indian beauties were the centre of attraction in their picture perfect sarees. ‘Dreamgirl’ Hema Malini, 61, looked elegantly beautiful in a white satin sari with embellished borders and a matching short sleeved blouse. The lady carried a pink satin clutch with some light jewellery. She topped off the look with a yellow rose in her shoulder length dark brown hair. Appropriate make up highlighted her stunning facial features.’Darling’ daughter Eesha Deol looked drop dead gorgeous in a blue laced sari with spangled borders and matching short sleeve blouse. Esha Deol matched steps with her beautiful mom, Hema Malini, who was the cynosure of all eyes at the Derewala fashion show. The ‘Dhoom’ actress who also walked down the ramp at the show, accessorized with a stunning gold necklace, drop earrings, multiple bracelets along with a cocktail ring in her right index finger and a pearl ring in her left little finger. With the right make-up and hair do in place she looked as stunning as her mother.The hot and spicy ‘Garam Masala’ fame babe Neetu Chandra also was present at the event. Neetu dazzled as he wore an elaborate full length sleeveless pink gown. Her hair neatly pulled back, the dusky beauty looked like your girl next door. Neetu Chandra said that she liked the Indo-Western jewellery which was basically very light and could be used for daily wear. Big Boss contestant and model Aryan Vaid and hindi hip-hop singer Hard Kaur were also present at the event.The fashion show saw a team of Italians models with our very own Indian models such as Romeo Gates, Chez Shetty and Surbhi Prabhu, dressed in Kawaljeet Singh attires take to the ramp. The collection is an ingenious blend of Indian and Italian creations.You can watch the entire fashion show event with interviews of Neetu Chandra and Aryan Vaid at NyooTV.com, which is one site where viewers can watch latest fashion events. NyooTV – India’s first Online Social TV brings a whole new world of entertainment with its innovative technology, rendering a viewing experience unmatched in quality. Viewers can watch Indian movies online and get continuous updates about the latest Bollywood movie online by following NyooTV through social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Members of these social networking sites can watch Hindi movies, bollywood shows events, new Bollywood movies trailers, latest Bollywood clips and events by simply logging into their accounts through NyooTV and get entertained with these high quality videos.